Phillips is organising a meeting to explore “The Environment in Brexit Britain”.  It’s in London on 21st March at 1830.

You can book here.  More detail:

“This is a disorientating moment for the U.K. Sweeping change seems inevitable. Immediate concerns dominate the news and our consciousness – health, trade, education, housing, economic and foreign policy are all in flux. Decisions made across all of these areas will impact on the environment at local, national and international levels.  We are left wondering what Environmental policy will look like in a post Brexit Britain.  The Government looks set to trigger Article 50 on March 31st 2017. Once the UK is outside of the EU it will carry more responsibility for environmental and sustainability standards, regulations and laws. The consequences of the UK’s decision to leave the EU are very uncertain.

Environmental regulations may be relaxed to attract business investment, restrictions on air pollution might be lowered, incentives for road building, fossil fuel energy plants and fracking might be enhanced. Renewable energy may suffer further setbacks in relation to investment and policy. Wildlife may or may not benefit as farming and fisheries policy change. The UK Government might revisit commitments made at COP21, its role within the UNFCCC process and the Climate Change Act. Should the UK economy suffer as a result of Brexit, Government spending on flood prevention, climate change adaptation and environmental education might be further squeezed.  Equally, Brexit and taking back control of the rules and regulations that govern our environmental policy, might give current and future UK Government’s an opportunity to set laws that are better suited to our unique set of island ecosystems.


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