61185306-0893-45a6-806f-345570a76e98The latest update from the ENSI programme is available here.

Its main focus is on SDG 11: Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable, but there are also features on:

  • Germany: The ESD Curriculum Framework, which was developed together with the German Standing Conference of the Education Ministers, is now part of the activities mentioned in the German Sustainability Strategy, which Cabinet voted in January.
  • UNESCO Paris: Call for nominations for the UNESCO-Japan Prize on ESD 2017.  The third edition of the UNESCO-Japan Prize on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) was launched last week. Generously funded by the Government of Japan, the UNESCO-Japan Prize on ESD consists of three annual awards of US $50,000 for each recipient. It was established by the UNESCO Executive Board at its 195th session, and awarded for the first time in 2015. All stakeholders involved in ESD (regional governments, public/private educational institutions, NGOs, local communities, media) have the opportunity to participate.  The 2017 nomination process takes place online via a platform accessible through the UNESCO website. Permanent Delegations, National Commissions and NGOs in official partnership with UNESCO will be able to connect with their existing generic UNESTEAMS accounts.  Further information on the Prize and its nomination process, including a user guide for the online platform, can be accessed here.

  • Indonesia: MOST School on Sustainability Science: Linking Science with Social Action and Policy Making.  On 1-3 February 2017, researchers, experts, activists, and policymakers from across Indonesia will come together in Padang, West Sumatra, to be part of the MOST School on Sustainability Science, organized by UNESCO Jakarta Office and its partners. The participants will tackle a critical question for Indonesia, as well as for the wider world: how can we use scientific knowledge for more effective policy and action to advance natural and social well-being for all?More information here.

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