All children in the Netherlands were encouraged to play outside on June 10th for the ninth annual “Play Outside Day”, which was begun by the Jantje Beton organization  and children’s channel Nickelodeon.

The Children & Nature Network reported:
To encourage kids to play outside, activities are organized around the country by parents, community groups, schools and the kids themselves.  Nickelodeon is also not broadcasting any kids’ shows today.   According to spokesperson Yvette de Vries de Loos, Play Outside Day is becoming increasingly important:
“Playing outside used to be very common, but nowadays its no longer something that just happens. One in five children do not or only once a week play freely outside. 80 percent of children do not exercise enough.  Outdoor play is essential for growing into a balanced adult. It is good for motor development, self-confidence, creativity and concentration and performance at school.”

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