Here’s a selection of blogs that address learning, environment and sustainability (viewed in a broad sense):

Education 4 Sustainability is a project coordinated by Nektarina in order to help embed sustainable development into the curriculum, and educate students about sustainable living, practices and futures.

Education for Sustainability provides professional development in designing and implementing curriculum projects in Australian schools as part of a whole-school sustainability plan.

Educating for Sustainability is Antioch University’s blog that explores the possibilities for sustainable education, green schools, and sustainable teaching, through discussion and resources.

The blog of TES Australia (an online community of teachers) examines how sustainability can be effectively incorporated into the school curriculum from kindergarten onwards.

The Earthwise Centre’s blog facilitates value-based education where relationships between people, and between people and the natural world, are central to social participation.

The George Lucas educational foundation blog shares evidence and practitioner-based learning strategies that set out to empower teachers to improve school education.

AASHE sets out to inspire and catalyze higher education to lead the global sustainability transformation through thought leadership, essential resources, and professional development.

This is the blog of the King’s College Sustainability team that aims to keep people informed about sustainability issues, events and opportunities at King’s, and to inspire discussion and action.

This CSRwire Talkback blog discusses pressing corporate social responsibility issues with a focus on education, green living, human rights, the environment and social enterprise.
This is our President’s blog where you will find thoughts on learning, sustainability and the link between them.
How many of these are worth following do you think?  And what others are there that are not on this list?  Answers please …


  1. I read TES Australia the G Lucas educational foundation blogs. I’ll be sure to check out the others. I think any initiative to spread the word and try for change is a good thing. More useful resources are on this list: I don’t know how much of this is worth your attention, but I read articles from the ‘climate change and development’ section and pedagogical resources. Also, there are a lot of blogs about debunking disinformation on the list, which is very useful.

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