If so, then look at the GlobalCarbonAtlas.

It is hard to do justice in words to the richness of the data that this site has to offer by way of per-country emissions.  Not only can you look at total emissions, but at the contribution of different fuels as well.  Then you can change the data to reflect GDP, population etc.  You can also choose the sort of display you look at: a map, charts, bubbles (we liked the bubbles).  Then, just to make it really interesting, you can go back in time and see how things are changing.

There are some surprising results.  For example, the world’s largest emitter on a per-capita basis is not the USA (it comes second, closely followed by Australia and Canada), rather it’s Saudi Arabia with 20 tonnes for each person.  The EU average is 6.8.

This is such a rich source of data and ideas for teaching.

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