Rolf Jucker has a new book: Do We Know What We Are Doing? Reflections on Learning, Knowledge, Economics, Community and Sustainability We were particularly taken by the title of Chapter 4: ESD is Environmental Education (EE), but EE is Not Always ESD and look forward to reading it. Here are a couple of comments about the book:

His work always impressed me because he wasn’t afraid to ask uncomfortable questions and push the debate further. His main focus is on how to make sustainability happen in practice rather than on academic debates about terminology. His new book is again an important contribution to the international debate on education for sustainability because it asks some necessary questions about impact and effect of educational activities. Rather than hoping that input – lectures, lessons, teaching materials and courses – yields desired effects, we should, he suggests, focus on helping social learning in the real world. I am happy to recommend his work not just to ‘education for sustainable development’ practitioners but to people interested in education in general. —Professor Stephen Sterling, Centre for Sustainable Futures, Plymouth University, UK

Unlike many reformers whose thinking is still dominated by what they learned from their professors in the last decades of the 20th century, Dr Jucker is an ecological thinker who understands the world as emerging, relational, and co-dependent – and not a world of fixed entities and abstract ideas. Thus, he is able to explain the nature and importance of exercising ecological intelligence, and to explain the educational reforms that are consistent with understanding the interdependencies between cultural and natural ecologies. In short, he is a leading thinker in the field and advocate of educational reforms that

address the deep cultural roots of the ecological crisis. —Professor Emeritus Chet Bowers, Portland State University, USA


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