The Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment (MENE) survey (from Natural England) provides data that show the ways that people engage with the natural environment such as visiting the countryside, enjoying green spaces in towns and cities, watching wildlife and volunteering to help protect the natural environment.

Data are collected about how people use the natural environment, includes the:

  • type of destination
  • duration
  • mode of transport
  • distance travelled
  • expenditure
  • main activities
  • motivations
  • barriers to visiting

Comparability tables explain how MENE compares with other outdoor recreation, sport, leisure and tourism and arts, culture and heritage surveys.

We think that these are hugely informative and very helpful data sets which benefit from scrutiny.  There are issues within them, particularly in relation to what words mean which need to be bourn in mind, but that does not negate their usefulness.  Explore …

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