20050030NAAEE – the North American Association for Environmental Education  – has recognised Nicole Ardoin, associate professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Education, with one of its highest honors for her outstanding contributions to research.  Stanford’s website says:

“Nicole’s research emphasizes the importance of learning experiences that are social, place-based, immersive, connected to the natural world and relevant to everyday life for facilitating conservation and sustainability-related outcomes.  Among her current projects, Ardoin is collaborating with NatureBridge, a provider of residential environmental learning in national parks, to explore socio-emotional learning in outdoor education programs.

This work builds on a six-year partnership during which Ardoin and her team have pursued new approaches to research and evaluation in NatureBridge’s Yosemite and Golden Gate Park settings.  Additionally, Ardoin is the social science lead on a National Science Foundation-supported interdisciplinary research study that considers the social and ecological effects of declining fog cover on California’s coastal redwoods.”


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