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This is a new and welcome venture from CN&N, and there are features on:

Creativity     Education     Environmental Concern     Families     Mental health     Physical health and activity     Play     Social justice

For example:

Nature imagery promotes creativity
High school students viewing nature imagery performed more creatively than students viewing an urban environment. Creativity scores were the highest for participants exposed to scenery rich in both unpredictability and spaciousness. | van Rompay & Jol, 2016. Wild and free: Unpredictability and spaciousness as predictors of creative performance.  More details   here
Students were more J2interested in nature than in iPads during an outdoor activity
This study indicates that technology can be integrated successfully in outdoor environmental education programs without detracting from engagement with nature. | Kacoroski, Liddicoat & Kerlin, 2016. Children’s use of iPads in outdoor environmental education programs.  Detail here

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