Here’s a selection of news and research that CLOtC has highlighted recently – in case you missed them.  You can follow CLOtC’s research reporting here, and its news output here.  Each is regularly updated and so are worth monitoring.


The meaning of participation in school ground greening: A study from project to everyday setting.

Jansson, Martensson & Gunnarsson – Landscape Research.

Children’s responses to a participatory school ground greening project indicated that green design in itself is not enough to promote participatory learning activities in primary school children. The role of adults and children’s … Continue reading


Integrating outdoor learning into the curriculum: an exploration in four nations

Passy et al – Curriculum Perspectives.

This paper explores an increasing awareness among policy-makers that learning outside can provide beneficial experiences for pupils in compulsory education. It has arisen from the work undertaken during a three-year UK Economic and Social … Continue reading


To what extent can the experience of outdoor learning contexts prevent permanent school exclusion for older learners? A visual analysis

Knowler, Lazar, Cortese, Dillon – Conference Paper from Edulearn 18.

This paper reports on a one-year project that focused on outdoor learning experiences for learners 12 – 14 years of age in a woodland environment in … Continue reading


Connecting children to nature through residential outdoor environmental education

Mullenbach et al – Environmental Education Research.

This study examined whether a residential outdoor environmental education program contributed to the development of children’s connection to nature and their attitudes and involvement in spending time outdoors. Results indicated moderate success in … Continue reading


School inspection reports and the status of outdoor learning, residential experiences and adventurous activities in Scottish schools

There is large amount of policy in Scotland that supports outdoor learning, most of which comes from Education Scotland and the General Teaching Council for Scotland. Despite this strong policy support, and a fair amount of research on the state … Continue reading


Outdoor learning has huge benefits for children and teachers — so why isn’t it used in more schools?

 Research shows that healthier and happier children do better in school, and that education is an important determinant of future health. But education is not just about lessons within the four walls of a classroom. The outdoor environment encourages … Continue reading


LOtC raises attainment in literacy & numeracy, Scottish study shows

An Education Scotland project aiming to raise attainment in literacy and numeracy through “Outdoor Learning Hubs” has published its final report. The project was part of the Scottish Attainment Challenge to reduce the poverty related equity gap within Scottish education. … Continue reading

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