A Climate Change Companion for family, school and community is a new book by David Hicks which explores why climate change matters, and explains the relationship between climate change and our energy usage.

It has four parts:

Changing the climate

1. What do we need to know?

2. What’s energy got to do with it? 3. What’s the choice of futures?

Telling new stories

4. The old story: high-carbon 5. The new story: low-carbon 6. Feeling the way forward

Working for change

7. Getting things done

8. Adapting to climate change

9. Limiting climate change

A journey of hope

10. Telling family stories

11. Learning about sustainability

12. Creating low-carbon community

The teaching for a better world website says:

“This book is a timely and practical response to the greatest challenge of our times – climate change.  It provides a thoughtful and readable introduction to why this matters for everyone. It explains the relationship between changing climate and the sources of energy we use, as well as important choices we will need to make for our families, schools and communities.  It explores what we need to know and what people are feeling about this.  It sets out what we can do to both limit and adapt to these changes.”



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