Yet another anti-litter campaign has been launched, this time to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday.  It is supported by environmental reporting service, Love Clean Streets.

LCS is urging people to report environmental issues by using a smart phone App which makes it easy to report issues.  To get involved, you will need to download the app, and then when you come across an issue such as a fly-tip or dog mess, simply take a photo on the app and write a brief description before sending.

The idea is that the local council will get the photo, a brief description and the GPS co-ordinates, and thn schedule the correct team to deal with the issue.  To find out more, visit

We are obviously in favour of cleaning up fly-tipping, etc.  We are even keener, however, on not littering in the first place.  Does anyone really understand why it is such a problem in the UK?  Are we just dirty people, inconsiderate of others and the environment?  Is it something to do with domination of nature – some delusional sense of mastery over the wild, perhaps?  Or are we just idle?  No one seems to know,  or know what to do about it.

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