Circle of Life Rediscovery and Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s – Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services Learning Disability/ Family Intensive Support Service – held a Celebration Day on 31st March to mark the huge success of their three year project.  Children and young people with learning disabilities often have fewer opportunities in life and their families find it harder to spend time together as a family.

Daily experiences of prejudice, judgement and sometimes, abuse, make day to day life even more challenging.  These are the issues the partners decided to tackle in a programme which was specially designed, in partnership with families. The project enabled them to enjoy a whole day together, to relax and have fun in each other’s company and to explore their capabilities, talents and strengths both as individuals and as a family unit.

The Woodland Project aimed to make a relaxing, whole family day a reality; stretching young people to learn new skills and discover new talents and supporting parents so they could find peace, and create fun memories of their time together.

You can read more about the project here.


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