cnn_logo_600_newsheaderHere’s another lively round up of activities and information from the Children and Nature Network – the other CNN. These are the headlines: Around 600,000 Children Worldwide Die Annually Due to Air Pollution by John Raphael | Nature World News |Nov 04, 2016 A new report from the United Nations Children’s Fund revealed that around 300 million children in the world are exposed

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to highly toxic air pollution when outdoors, with about 600,000 of them dying every year due to illnesses and disease caused by or exacerbated by air pollution.The report showed that the vast majority of children who are exposed to high levels of air pollution live in South Asia, where pollution is at least six times higher than the safe levels imposed by the World Health Organisation. read more Survey to Establish How Much Children Play in the Countryside by Editor | IOM Today |Nov 04, 2016 A UK charity is conducting a survey of local parents to learn about their children’s outdoor play practices to inform a new nature play project they are launching. The Manx Wildlife Trust will begin construction of a 60-acre nature play trail this autumn. Though the project will take several years to complete, thousands of children and adults are expected to benefit from the effort. read more ‘Wilderness’ Explores the Therapeutic Power of Roughing It by Miriam Felton-Dansky | Village Voice |Nov 04, 2016 A new documentary drama follows a group of teens combating anger, depression, addiction through a hardcore wilderness therapy program. Wilderness, by veteran experimental company En Garde Arts, uses interviews with real teens and their families to explore the topic of wilderness therapy for teens. read more

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