Here’s a link to the latest research digest from the Children & Nature Network.  The work reported is:

Here’s more detail on two of these:

Natural environments near schools are positively linked to the socio-emotional and behavioral development of preschool children
Does “school nature” contribute to children’s socio-emotional and behavioral development beyond what they gain from “home nature”? Research with preschoolers says “yes.” This was especially true for young children attending schools in neighborhoods with limited impervious surface, such as concrete.
Scott et al. 2018. Natural environments near schools: Potential benefits for socio-emotional and behavioral development in early childhood. DOI. Access study.

Greening initiatives on and around school grounds may improve the academic performance of students across grade levels, genders, and differing socioeconomic backgrounds
Most studies documenting a positive link between greenness around schools and academic performance focus on a single grade. This study provides evidence of the greenness effect applying to all grade levels and benefitting students across gender and socioeconomic differences.
Leung et al. 2019. How is environmental greenness related to students’ academic performance in English and mathematics? DOI. Access study.


This link takes you to a series of 13 posts about the sustainable development goals in Scotland.  These are hosted by RCE Scotland and include:

And if you click here you will find all the posts in the blog.

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