September Is Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

Ken Krall | WXPR 

September is Childhood Obesity Awareness Month in the U.S., a national event to raise awareness of the problem which affects one in six children in this country. Experts say a rise in idle activities, such as watching television and streaming services and playing video games, has the impact of increasing obesity. They advise that kids need at least an hour a day of unstructured play outside at least three times a week as well as vigorous physical activity. read more

2. A New Declaration States that Risk-Taking is Essential for Kids’ Development

Editors | ISGA 

A new declaration from the International School Grounds Alliance (ISGA) states that, while promoting risk-taking on school grounds may raise questions of liability for schools and concerns for parents, it is essential for the development of healthy young people. The declaration, which was made available in 13 different languages, cites research from around the world demonstrating the benefits of risk-taking and showing that an indiscriminate risk-minimization policy can be a source of harm.  read more

3. Social and Emotional Health Are Important Benefits of School Gardens

Kristine Hahn | Michigan State University Extension 

While the academic benefits of school gardens for students have become more widely accepted in recent years, the social and emotional benefits are often overlooked. Yet, numerous studies of school gardens show improvements in students’ feelings of well-being and therefore, ability to learn.  read more

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