The Learn from Nature blog is always worth a second look as it sets out to contribute news and ideas to the debate around finding ways of humans living lightly on the Earth. It’s writer (NAEE’s Henricus Peters) says:

Humans, as regions and nations, even as individuals, share the Earth with many billions of peoples and countless other living organisms, but the latter we all too easily take for granted. We live and use earth’s resources

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with an attitude of near-pure exploitation, ‘as if’ it the resources of the Earth are infinite and limitless. I believe that we can and must begin, as individuals, group and through better government – to refine what we mean by ‘sustainability and ‘share’ collective responsibility for today and plan, in real and practical ways, for this and future generations. We believe we can work together to make a real difference, to make a better world, in which we live more sustainably. If we might just ‘learn to live – and not fight against – nature!

Indeed we might, with a bit of luck and a lot more environmental education.

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