Thanks to the Forest Education Network for alerting us to the Tree Council’s urging of us to spare a thought for young trees, and to take part in its annual Tree Care Campaign, which runs from 21st March to 21st September.

The campaign encourages communities to spend a little time on regular tree care activities to help trees withstand hazards such as extreme weather or pests and so help increase the number of trees reaching maturity, as mature, sturdy trees can reduce flooding and calm fast gusts of wind.
Trees that have been planted in the last three years are particularly vulnerable to stormy weather because their roots have not yet grown deep enough to firmly anchor them in the soil.  This year’s Tree Care Campaign theme, ‘Back to Our Roots’, also highlights how caring for trees they have planted together over the years can help communities to preserve and strengthen their roots.

More detailed tips can be found on The Tree Council’s website.

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