A Woodland Trust blog by Laura Cottam has this headline: How to stop climate change: nine changes to make today.  

It begins:

Climate change is well and truly happening and that is the inconvenient reality.  Rising temperatures around the world have largely been due to increase in carbon dioxide and other man-made emissions in the atmosphere.  This is where trees are especially important.  … Forests along with a few other plant-heavy habitats are what are known as ‘carbon sinks’.  They capture the carbon and use it to grow. By protecting our woodlands we can help the battle against continued climate change.

But it then says this: “What follows are nine simple lifestyle adjustments we can all make which collectively will help make a difference to reduce our impact on climate change.

Thus, in a few lines, the blog shifts from stopping climate change to reducing our impact on climate change, which are not the same thing at all.  However, it’s the headline that’s misleading as the 9 instructions for better living (important though most are) will not stop climate change.  The 9 are:

  1. Plant trees in your local area
  2. Use reusable products
  3. Refuse plastic straws!
  4. Campaign for local trees and against development
  5. Carrying a reusable bag
  6. Don’t ask for a receipt unless you actually need one
  7. Get yourself a reusable cup
  8. Buy things in bulk where possible
  9. Support conservation charities

It’s a curious mix – and it reflects current passions (plastic straws, reusable cups) – would it be your list?


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