The Fall 2018 edition of Canada’s Green Teacher (Vol 118) has been published.  Here are the contents:

Plastic Grass isn’t Greener  by Rochelle Rubinstein
An exploration of the environmental and human health hazards of artificial turf in our schools and communities


Teaching the Sustainable Development Goals  by Grace Van Mil
A new strategy for engaging students on global issues in the classroom


Inside a Pocket Museum by Malia Rivera and Tim Thomas
Using pocket museums to promote higher-order thinking


Wild Storytelling  by Brian “Fox” Ellis

Practicing the art of improvisational interpretation


Teaching Sustainability and  Stewardship through Service  by Emily Felker
Using service learning as a tool for change at any age


10 Ways to Teach It Outside  by Kristen Grindle

Maximizing lab, mapping, and inquiry-based activities


Engaging in Science through Local Issues  by Maria Jeanneau, Janet McVittie, and Iain Phillips
Fostering scientific thinking using three pillars


Conservation through Storytelling  by Karen Morley
Connecting to odd-looking species at risk


When Two Trails Merge  by Robert D. Bixler and J. Joy James
Nurturing the symbiosis between environmental education and outdoor recreation


Using Teacher Training to Create a Sustainability Class  by Robyn Isaak-Kwon
Students’ learning about sustainability and creating sustainable action plans for their school

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