The Global Learning Programme (GLP) says that it is building a national network of like-minded schools, committed to equipping their pupils to make a positive contribution to a globalised world by helping their teachers to deliver effective teaching and learning about development and global issues at Key Stages 2 and 3.  It says that by giving schools the tools to embed global learning into teaching across the curriculum, the GLP is helping schools to:

  • meet Ofsted requirements
  • promote SMSC
  • prepare pupils for modern life in Britain by promoting values such as empathy, fairness and respect
  • develop and enhance enquiry and critical thinking skills
  • improve pupil engagement
  • deepen curriculum knowledge and understanding
  • expand global awareness
  • strengthen school ethos and values
  • support teacher professional development.

This is quite a list.  Here are some links that will help you evaluate their claims …

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