Judy Braus, executive director of NAAEE, sets out 10 reasons for being at the NAAEE conference:

  1. Be In the Know: The NAAEE conference is the best place to catch up on all the research taking place in our active and dynamic field. The research symposium is Tuesday and Wednesday, October 18 and 19, and there’s a full strand devoted to practical applications of research running throughout the general conference.
  2. Get International: We will again be holding a meeting of the Global Environmental Education Partnership (the GEEP). More than 20 EE leaders from around the world will be talking about how we can create a stronger global partnership for EE. You’ll get a chance to meet the GEEP advisory group throughout the week and at the launch event on Friday evening. And join the eePRO Global EE discussion group to find out how to get engaged.
  3. Help Create a More Diverse and Equitable Movement: Sign up to take an all-day or half-day workshop to build your skills related to diversity, equity, and inclusion, including valuing and welcoming similarities and differences; examining the misinformation that impacts our behavior toward others; understanding the role identity plays in leadership; creating more equitable and inclusive workplaces; and learning how to be an ally to all groups. Also watch for the diversity icon on highlighted sessions that help to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  4. Get Wet and Get Biking: Cheer on your colleagues in NAAEE’s first ever voyageur canoe race! You can also learn more about Wisconsin’s cities by signing up for an urban paddling adventure through downtown Milwaukee, or bike your way around Madison and visit some of the city’s unique EE facilities.
  5. Bring Home Tons of Ideas and Resources: Roam the exhibit hall and find some wonderful resources and get in line for a signed book by one of our award winning speakers: David Suzuki and Aimee Nezhukumatathil. With more than 500 workshops, presentations, bright spots, symposia, posters, and other sessions, you will definitely walk away with new ideas, contacts, and resources!
  6. Win Big and Support NAAEE: Take part in our annual raffle to win a $1,000 gift card from REI and join the auction on Friday night to bid on some incredible auction items, including a weekend ski and hike retreat in New Hampshire and a trip to Puerto Rico. We will also be tweeting a trivia question every day, and the first correct response will win the prize of the day.
  7. Hear from Inspirational Young Leaders: Danni Washington, host of the new Fox TV show about nature, will moderate the closing luncheon on Saturday featuring the extraordinary voices of several members of NAAEE’s new 30 Under 30 program. Thanks to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for making this happen!
  8. Join Important Discussions: Many of the eePRO group moderators will be holding sessions and brown bag lunch meetings to talk about current issues in the field and how to keep the conversation going between conferences. Our moderators are a talented and impressive group of educators working to push our thinking forward on key issues in the field. We need your input!
  9. Meet NAAEE’s Board of Directors, Members of our Advisory Council, and the Staff: Say hello to the leadership and staff of NAAEE and let them know what you think! We always want to hear from you, and our board, staff, and advisors would love to pick your brain about the field and the organization.
  10. Enjoy a Break from the Usual: If you’ve had it with political ads, the pressure from work, and the normal day-to-day routine, break the routine and get your day off to a good start! Join in on a morning welcome ceremony to the ancestral lands of the Ho-Chunk Nation, stretch yourself during a Yoga session, take a tour of the Madison Children’s Museum’s Rooftop Ramble, stroll the Community Garden Space on Capitol Square, or just enjoy a cup of coffee on the lake.

danni_washington_aug16_sm1The NAAEE conference is all about connecting people and ideas. You will have on-going opportunities to meet new colleagues, learn about the work of participating organizations, and join other networks. And we’re pretty sure your social networks will expand by just being part of this event!

We want this conference to be the best we’ve ever had. We want it to be welcoming to all, we want it to be inspirational, and we want it to help push our thinking forward. You can help us by showing up, sharing your best thinking, and inspiring others with what you do!

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