Can focusing on values in Sustainable Education result in a bigger impact?’

This question is asked by Luke Wynne, Head of Youth and Schools at Global Action Plan, in a recent guest blog on the SEEd website.

It begins:

“Values act as a kind of internal compass guiding us through our lives, shaping the way we see, feel and hear the world.  International research suggests that there are 10 core value sets that we all hold, regardless of age, culture, or ethnicity.  However, as individuals it’s the importance that we place on the values in these sets that makes us unique.  It’s widely recognised that increasing the importance that young people attribute to the values that are known to promote the sorts of attitudes and behaviours associated with living sustainably, has a huge potential to get them actually living and behaving more sustainably.  At Global Action Plan we therefore develop schools and youth programmes that are both action focussed and values centric.  That is, we aim to encourage our young participants to both take action to address the key environmental issues we face, and to understand and value the importance of continuing to take this kind of action in their daily lives.  …”

You can read more here.

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