Reacting to the new poll findings released by Cambridge University Press & Assessment on April 18th, Jamie Agombar, Executive Director of Students Organising for Sustainability said through LinkedIn:

“A new poll found that more than 70% of the public think a greater focus on climate change at school would help students better understand how to tackle it “As someone who does these at A-Level, I don’t recall climate change even being mentioned once,” one student said “The climate and ecological emergency is a multi-dimensional challenge, and as such it needs to be woven into every part of the curriculum”, said Mike Berners-Lee. This is exactly what Teach the Future has been calling for since 2019 At Labour National Policy Forum last year the main tranche of environmental policy passed related the actions set out in Nadia Whittome’s Climate Education Bill, which she wrote with Scarlett Westbrook from Teach the Future. Labour have since publicly committed to curriculum reform and a ‘broader’ curriculum.

We have shown how this could work through our Tracked Changes version of the national curriculum, and are busy implementing it as a stop-gap through Teach the Teacher. We are pleased to be visiting Corbridge Middle School next month with Bridget Phillipson MP and Ed Miliband MP to see how Meryl Batchelder and colleagues are living the dream of integrated soultions-centred climate education. Corbridge are among a growing number of school now using our Tracked Changes version of the curriculum and will be running a Teach the Teacher session on the day If Labour win power, they must follow-through with their support and pass our Climate Education Bill so all our young people get the climate education they want, need and deserve.”


Clearly the existing UK government is not going to react to this, but will the next one, whenever it comes to office.

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