The Countryside Classroom is a new initiative from FACE: Farming and Countryside Education.  This is their website – although it is still being developed.  You can become a Partner, a Contributor, or a Sponsor: details are here.

Why get involved?  FACE says:

Countryside Classroom is the largest ever partnership of organisations committed to helping children learn about food, farming and the natural environment.  Led by FACE, the founding Consortium members first came together in 2012 with the shared ambition of maximising their reach and impact through long-term collaboration.

By providing a single, easy-to-use source of school support, Countryside Classroom raises the awareness, motivation and ability of teachers to incorporate food, farming and the natural environment into their everyday teaching practice.  This helps us to achieve our overall goal for every child to have the opportunity to learn about and experience these essential topics.

“The Countryside Classroom Consortium creates an amplified voice that can be heard by both schools and policy makers, increasing the reach, visibility and influence of all partners.  It also offers a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge, expertise and networks, to collaborate in new ways and to address shared challenges with like-minded organisations.  Commercial sponsors may or may not have their own resources, places to visit or people to ask to list on the site.  However, they will share a belief in the importance of children learning about and through food, farming and the natural environment.  In return for their financial support, sponsors will be highly visible to the large teacher audience and to the ever growing number of Consortium partners.  There are a range of sponsorship options, ranging from logo placement and banner advertising, to sponsoring a section of the site, to supporting regional and national events or publications.  Sponsor companies might include retailers, outdoor clothing specialists, food producers and manufacturers, trade associations, schools suppliers and publishers.”



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