The IES 2016 Burntwood Lecture is to be given by Baroness Parminter.  Her title is: Separation anxiety: The challenges for the environment from Brexit


The organisers say that this lecture series provides an opportunity for an eminent speaker to talk on a current, critical and often controversial environmental theme to an invited audience from the professions, universities and government.  In this year’s event …

Baroness Parminter will consider the post-Brexit challenges the environmental sector is  currently facing and poses the question: How optimistic should we be that this Government will respond to the challenges facing our environment, without the leadership and oversight of the European Union?

The way this is phrased: “without the leadership and oversight of the European Union” suggests that the good baroness thinks the answer is “not optimistic at all”, but we’re not so sure.  Time, of course, will tell, but there are positive noises coming from all sides (farmers, land owners, wildlife organisations, government, …) that a positive outcome is possible.  This is not a time to be defeatist.

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