The latest Green Teacher (Vol 116) has been published.  Here are the contents:

Maskwi’omin: A Birch Bark Antibiotic
by Matthias Bierenstiel, Tuma T.W. Young and Kathy Snow
Bringing Western and Indigenous methods to the science classroom

The Wild About Vancouver Festival
by Elizabeth Beattie and Hartley Banack
An annual outdoor education festival that encourages everyone to spend more time outdoors

The Sustainable Art Studio  (Free Article, please share with your coworkers)
by Iván Asin
Finding the voice of art in education for sustainable development

Little Bats: A Big Deal
by Sarah Pappalardo
What can we do in our classrooms to help Mother Nature’s natural bug zapper?

Shellfish and Climate Change Research
by Francisco Sóñora Luna and Aitor Alonso Méndez
How students can act as an effective bridge between science and society in carrying out research

Indigenous Environmental Inquiry
by Paul Elliott, Nicole Bell and  Brittany Harding
Helping student teachers make the connection between Indigenous and environmental education through inquiry-based learning

Inside The Birding Activity Bag  
by Joy A. Bell
Using bird observations to ground 8-12-year-olds in environmental literacy

Caught Up in the Carbon Cycle
by Pam Miller
A simulation game that encourages 11-15-year-olds to learn about systems that influence climate change


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