summer_placeholderHere are some suggestions c/o Wildlife Watch for summer activities:

Top 5 Things to Try in Your Garden This Summer  Matthew Appleby, author of ‘The Children’s Garden’offers helpful, easy ways you can get your children outdoors this summer! What’s more, you can win a copy of the book yourself!  Give it a read

Our 30 Days Wild: Looking back and beyond for a wilder life  In June 2015 the Baker family took part in our first ever 30 Days Wild challenge. They spent June doing something wild every day and here they tell what they learnt during their ‘wild’ month!  Fancy giving it a go? You can too!  Have a read!

The benefits of outdoor learning  Marina Robb, author of ‘Learning with Nature: A how-to guide to inspiring children through outdoor games and activities’, talks about the benefits of outdoors learning in this beautiful blog post.  Give it a read.

Garden Wildlife Health project  The Garden Wildlife Health team investigate the diseases that affect wildlife in gardens across the country. There are lots of ways you can lend a helping hand to the wild animals that are waking up this spring in your gardens and parks.  Take a look!

Recycling: What Difference Does it Make?  Whether you drop a can of pop into a waste or recycling bin, it’s easy to think that this small act has no real consequence. After all, once it’s in, you rarely have to think about it again. And in a way, this is great, because it makes recycling easy and hassle-free, but on the other hand, it is also makes it a practice that is very easy to neglect. But if you did chose to recycle an aluminium can, what difference would it make?  Give it a read!

Wildlife cycling  Cyclist and blogger Tony Pearson talks about the joy of wildlife encounters whilst on his cycling tours. What a joy to get so close to nature!  Give it a read.

Go on, go for a wild walk!   Jo Dainty, Senior Nature Play Ranger at Herefordshire Wildlife Trust, helps you to rediscover the wonder of a wild walk! There’s lots of tips for a successful walk with children, and key knowledge from her time in the Wildlife Trust as well as her time as a mum.  Take a look and try a wild walk!

Moray Teens  Donna Mathieson, People & Wildlife Officer at Scottish Wildlife Trust, tells you about Moray Teens, the teenager Wildlife Watch group going from strength to strength! They’ve featured on radio and TV and have actively contributed towards conservation projects. Wow!  Read more about this fantastic group!

Mini beast Adventures  Cbeebies presenter and zoologist Jess French talks about the wonder of minibeasts, and why these wild creatures amaze her.  Read more and be fascinated…

The Smart Happy Project – Lisa Lily-white  Using the wonder of shapes and patterns in nature, The Smart Happy Project aims to get more children connected to, and building a relationship with, nature.  Read Lisa’s blog posts here, and learn how to start nature collections, search for patterns in nature and feel connected!

At Home in the Ocean  Ian Thomas has one of the best jobs in the world – he dives for a living! Read all about his amazing experiences, why he’s so passionate about protecting our oceans, and how you can do your bit.  Emerse yourself in the ocean world…

A journey to Ashdown Forest  Kathryn Aalto is the author of the book ‘The Natural World of Winnie the Pooh’. In this blog she talks about moving to England, her inspiration for writing the blog and her journey to Ashdown Forest…  Take a look!

Winter nature crafts for children – Catherine Hughes  Think winter isn’t a great time for kids to get outdoors? Think again! Catherine Hughes, garden and lifestyle blogger, shares some great nature crafts that will keep your children busy this winter!  Read more!

Unlocking the secrets of a school wildlife garden – Kate Curtis   Notley Green Primary School won the School category in our Wild About Gardens Week 2015 competition! Here their Forest School Instructor, Kate Curtis, talks about their wonderful wildlife garden, and how it inspires their students.  Have a read

Spawn to be wild – Kate Marsh  Avon Wildlife Trust, in partnership with Bristol Water, are teaching children about the plight of the critically endangered European eel (Anguilla Anguilla), through their ‘Spawn to be Wild’ schools project.  Here Kate Marsh, Learning Development Manager at Avon Wildlife Trust, tells all

Ryan Walsh  Ryan Walsh is one of our new guest bloggers! He’s the Head of Outdoor Work at Bedales Prep School, Dunhurst. His first blog post details a step-by-step guide to building a mini-nature reserve at a school.  Have a read!

Dissecting owl pellets – Gemma Waters  Gemma Waters is a natural history educator who runs hands-on activities with schools and other groups. In her blog she explains what exactly an owl pellet is, all the gruesome facts, and how to dissect one yourself!  Give it a go!

Our Wild Year – Jen & Sim Benson

In November 2014 authors and family adventurers Jen & Sim Benson decided to swap their comfortable suburban house for a bell tent. They’ve spent the past year exploring and living wild in Britain with their two young children.  Read all about their adventures here!

Best Plants to Sow – Ellis Wakefield  Feeling the green fingers but not sure where to start? Ellis Wakefield is here to help! Every month you can read about the best plant to sow – get planting and see what you can grow!  Have a read!

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