Yesterday’s post by NAEE President, Bill Scott, in his blog set out the article he wrote for NAEE’s latest journal, Environmental Education Vol 111.  The title was:

Do we need to learn to be more welcoming of nature’s migrants?

In this, Bill looks at a new report from the RSPB: The Nature of Climate Change – Europe’s wildlife at risk and at the new book by Fred Pearce The New Wild.  The RSPB report sets out evidence that wildlife of all kinds will be challenged because of climate change, and it says that protected areas and nature reserves will be vital in helping wildlife cope with a changing climate.  It also raises the issue of whether we need to be both less precious about the idea of native, and much more welcoming of nature’s migrants.  Pearce, meanwhile, says that keeping out non-native species looks increasingly flawed as a strategy and that we should celebrate their dynamism and the novel ecosystems they create.  Pearce thinks that, in an era of climate change and widespread ecological damage, we should be finding ways to help nature regenerate, and that embracing this ‘new wild’ is our best chance.

To read more of these arguments, click here.


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