Reviewed by Henricus Peters

“Just another book on the environment?” I hear you say… No, actually, Protect Our Planet is different as it comes from a young conservationist: an 11-year old eco-warrior from Durban in South Africa, who has already done more beach cleanups and tree-planting than most adults. The book, aimed at children but highly recommended for all ages, comprises double-page spreads explaining about the big topics of backyard biodiversity, carbon footprint, climate change, greenhouse gases ( something not heard about much anymore), and much more. There then follow examples of actions we can all take – yes tree-planting, beach-cleanups, recycling, energy conservation, alongside nature projects and top tips. The artwork is also highly visually appealing, which makes reading it a delight.

Valentine, R. (2022). Protect our planet – take action with Romario. South Africa: Penguin Random House. ISBN: 9781775848233. Paperback.

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