Our World in Data has been updating its ability to use ‘interactive data visualizations’ in its work.  A good way to see this is in its display of per capita CO2 emissions from 1750 to 2021.

You can select the countries whose data you wish to study and then see these as maps, tables and charts.  You can animate the charts to show how emissions rise and fall over time.

The UK is the early emitter here and it takes a long time for the USA to overtake us (1902/03).  But since then it has never looked back.  China overtook us in 2014.  Even South Africa is ahead of us now.  Of course, this language is upside down as high emissions are not what is needed here and this is not a league table you want to be top of.

This is suitable for students and adults alike although it inevitably raises a lot of questions.

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