Circle of Life has announced the following CPD events:

Thursday 14th April

Nature Connection – Exploring Natural Cycles plus Inspirational Activities and Games.

Join us at the beginning of Spring in the Sussex Woodlands. This training day will bring alive the core routines of deep nature connection, giving attendees embodied experiences of games and activities that facilitate nature information, recreation and connection. It will fill you up with inspirational ideas and experiences in relation to Spring time.  We will include the theme of birds, nests and the 5 voices of birds.  We will have fun playing with some simple fire-making using natural materials. The activities are broadly linked to the National Curriculum.  Here’s the booking form.

Friday 29th April

Playing with Rope & Plants: Cordage, Swings, Tarps, Potions and Games

This outdoor learning CPD, will offer diverse experiences, using plants and rope to provide fun, learning and nature connection.  You will learn to put up rope swings, create bridges for teambuilding or tarp shelters, create your own string from plant fibres, make a potion, alongside a basket of rope/plant-based games.   Here’s the booking form.

Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th June (a two-day event)

Play and the Outdoors – an Experiential & Theoretical Journey into Forest School, Play itself and Therapeutic Play

This will:

  • Familiarise you with the Forest Play skills continuum.
  • Explore non-directive and directive facilitation including wild & free play.
  • Help you understand the different methods of communication integral to Forest Play.
  • Increase the tool kit to include more outdoor games and skills.
  • Develop understanding of Attachment Theory and how it relates to emotional insecurity.
  • Explore Forest School Philosophy/principles.
  • Explore play skills including sand, music, fire, puppet and story making.

Here’s the booking form

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