Mark Lynas has written an open letter to Greenpeace asking it to end its opposition to biotechnology.  It begins:

Dear Greenpeace,

You will no doubt have seen the letter signed by 100 Nobel laureates asking you to end your opposition to genetically modified organisms. I hope you realise what this means: a great number of the most prestigious and decorated scientists in the world are asking you to bring to a halt your decades-long war against biotechnology.

I know you will be seriously considering their words.  However deeply entrenched anti-GMO attitudes may be in your organisation, you cannot lightly dismiss the considered opinion of such a distinguished group of scientists as are 107 winners of Nobel Prizes.  You should add to these individual voices the opinions of the National Academy of Sciences, which recently issued a landmark report on GMOs, and of numerous other scientific and academic institutions around the world from the AAAS to the Royal Society to the African Academy of Sciences.

Whatever you think about GM / GMO issues, we know that it is a wonderful teaching topic – and one that could hardly be more significant to our planet and its people.

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