image002Every year, for the last eight years, NUS has surveyed over 60,000 HE/FE students on their views on sustainability, which shows clearly that students want to learn more about it, and expect their institutions to do more to bring this about.

Given the success of all this, NUS is now working with the Green Schools Project on a survey of school students which was launched last week.  They are asking schools to get their pupils to complete the survey, perhaps in an IT lesson.

The survey is aimed at years 5-13 (the last two of primary, all of secondary and 6thform), and there are cash rewards that schools can get for sustainability projects.  Further, schools that provide > 50 responses will get a bespoke report presenting their data to them so they can learn what their own pupils think about sustainability at their school.

The survey which covers all the UK runs until Christmas 2018 and there will be a national report in spring 2019 that, NUS hopes, will boost the case for more sustainability-focused activities and learning in schools.

All the info on how to take part is here.



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