naaee-logoAs you will know by now, the annual conference of the North American Association for Environmental Education had to be cancelled owing to hurricane devastation.  NAAEE has announced, however, that it will hold a virtual conference, beginning on October 17th.  Details are here.

NAAEE says:

We hope you can join us for virtual conference week at NAAEE.  We’ll share a few highlights of what was planned for Puerto Rico through a series of webinars featuring some of the plenary presentations and symposia. Check out the schedule below or download the schedule PDF.


In addition to the events taking place via webinar during virtual conference week, we’re creating a special virtual conference webpage on eePRO. All accepted presenters will have the opportunity to post the inspiring, important work you’re doing and connect with others who share your interests. We’re still working out the details, which will be announced soon, but presenters for all accepted sessions for the Conference and Research Symposium will have the opportunity to contribute:

  • Papers
  • Short video summations
  • Presentations (such as PowerPoints)
  • Posters

The session posts will go beyond the normal proceedings—we will tag each post to the virtual conference page and to eePRO Groups, where we encourage comments and further discussion about session content, and with eePRO, you can easily contact any presenter for more information.

To summarize, there are two ways to participate in virtual conference week: 1) Join us for the webinars Tuesday through Thursday; and 2) Share your session materials on the virtual conference page and contribute to our efforts to create an exciting virtual record of what would have taken place at the conference.

For a more general NAEE update from its executive director Judy Braus, click here.

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