A while ago, we featured Lyfta, an immersive learning platform where teachers can build or curate powerful, interactive and curriculum-aligned lessons that bring learning to life. Here are a number of other examples of Lyfta’s work that you might find of interest:

An article in Elephant Times by Harriet Marshall on bridging gaps and building wisdom. Harriet is Head of Educational Research at Lyfta (@ham1).

Research from Tampere University involving Lyfta with young adults. The research aims to scrutinise the role of communication in mediated intergroup interactions. Here, the context is a dinner table in which strangers can meet in immersive virtual environments and via video calls.

An article by Serdar Ferit in Education Technology around immersive digital stories about educating young people about mental and emotional wellbeing.

And these are further examples of blogs that Lyfta itself publishes: biodiversity and sustainabilityempathy – and the SDGs

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