London has had more than its fair share of tragedy recently, and so it seems almost inappropriate to focus on positive news.  However, amidst all the gloom and disaster, there are good things happening, especially in relation to (environmental) education.  Read on …

1. LEEF’s Summer Party

This is on Wednesday 5th July at Holland Park Ecology Centre 1800 to 2100.  This will include:

  • Botanical drinks & nibbles
  • Chance to network with other environmental educators
  • Get up-to-date on latest news and opportunities for LEEFers
  • Tour of Holland Park & Ecology Centre
  • Meet the new LEEF coordinator and trustees
  • Bring your ideas for future networking events and training sessions
  • Help shape the future of LEEF

RSVP – Please send Julia an email to introduce yourself, and let her know if you can make it:  Here’s how to find Holland Park Ecology Centre 

diving-whale-new-2-full-width2. The NHM

At the Natural History Museum, there’s a focus on the oceans, particularly on whales and waves.  The museum says:

“We know less about the deep sea than we do space. Scientists are hoping to use the Museum’s collection of more than eight million marine fossils to map its future.  Find out how this wealth of data could help us understand these ecosystems.  Around 95% of the Earth’s oceans are still unexplored – in fact, we know less about the deep sea than we do about space.  Exploring and studying the oceans is critical to protect these valuable resources for future generations.

The Museum’s new blue whale specimen in Hintze Hall and the temporary exhibition, Whales: Beneath the surface, start an extended season of events exploring the power and mystery of the ocean.  Running until late 2018, events will include special After Hours evenings, an oceans-themed Science Uncovered night, and the Annual Science Lecture.  Explore more about why we need to protect the oceans, find themed events, and read about the pioneering work of the Museum’s marine scientists.”


The Academic Network on Global Education & learning (ANGEL), a new forum for academics and researchers in global education, was launched at the recent conference, ‘Research, evidence and policy learning for global education’, held at the UCL Institute of Education in May.  You can read more about the conference here and download an info leaflet about ANGEL here.  A formal launch and further information will follow in the near future, but if you want to register to be a member of the ANGEL network, please click here or email

c2150965-b7f0-4a96-9482-fae20b738d024. The Design Council

Click here to see the latest stories from the Design Council.  These include:

  • What is a healthy new town?  NHS England’s Strategy Programme Manager, updates us on the progress being made in providing modern health services on sites across England where new housing is being delivered.
  • Training the next generation of young designers.  The Design Academy is an expert-led practical module for university graduates, launching tomorrow for its third year watch this video to see what it involves.

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