Here’s a recent IUCN briefing that includes:

Bururi: the link between heaven and earth

The Bururi Forest Nature Reserve in Burundi was previously considered to be the link between heaven and earth. The ancient Burundians attached great importance to forest conservation, especially mountain forests. Several mountain forests were protected and used as a place of worship, while other forests served as a necropolis for Queen Mothers. Bururi hosts many different species of primates, carnivores, amphibians, and 205 species of birds, and is classified as an important bird conservation area. Read more

Photo: Remco Van MermPaper reveals severity of human footprint and forest loss in World Heritage sites

The majority of natural World Heritage sites are under increasing pressure from human activities, according to a new analysis quantifying for the first time changes in human footprint and forest loss in over 100 terrestrial natural World Heritage sites. The study, led by experts from the University of Queensland, Wildlife Conservation Society, University of Northern British Columbia and IUCN appears in the journal Biological Conservation. Read more

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