Is it Silent Spring, perhaps?  Or Walden?  The Natural History of Selbourne, maybe, or A Sand County Almanac?  Then there’s Last Child in the Woods, Small is Beautiful or The Web of Life.  The Prelude, perchance, The Deserted Village, or The Mores?  Or Emile

Is it Bedford 2046, Marx’s EcologyThe Child in the City, or Streetwise?  Or Deep Ecology: living as if nature matteredAriadne’s ThreadEnvironmentalism, or After Sustainability?

Is it The Skeptical Environmentalist, or Capitalism as if the World Matters.  Or Collapse: how societies choose to fail or survive, or Forces of Change: an unorthodox view of history; Or Why we Disagree about Climate Change, The Chicago Gangster Theory of Life, and so on … 

This question sounds like a good ice-breaker at the next NAEE cocktail party.  Meanwhile, if there’s a new book you think we ought to review, please tell us via Twitter, Facebook, or by email to 

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