Here are a few recent guest blogs on the Wildlife Watch site:

Hear from our Wildlife Watchers

Hear inspirational stories, advice and ‘wild’ ideas from our teenage and young supporters. They share how they spend their wild time, the conservation issues that they are passionate about and tonnes of ways that you can get in touch with nature.

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The Problem with Plastic

Plastic is one of the biggest waste products that we use in our day to day life. Cheryl Burns tells you how you can reduce your plastic use.
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Meeting the Mighty

Nicolette Scourse talks about her adventures diving with whale sharks off the coast of Australia

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A brief guide to looking after hedgehogs in your garden
Vine House Farm
tell you how you can help the prickly little mammals in your garden. Make sure any spiky visitors to your garden are well fed and well looked after with these great tips.
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We Brits have always loved to be beside the seaside but we usually enjoy it from a deck chair with a 99 in hand. This summer experience the amazing coastline in a new way with a family day out getting up close and personal with the local sea-life. It’s time to ditch the deck chair and wade into the waves!

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