In the UK, food travels 20 billion miles a year – that’s the same as travelling to the moon and back over 40,000 times.  All this means a lot of carbon dioxide is released into our atmosphere, and this has a massive effect on the environment and wildlife.  This is only a part of the big picture in food production, from pesticide use, to packaging, there are lots of things that lead to carbon dioxide release, but Wildlife Watch says that food miles is a good place to start.

Everybody can do a little something to help by:

1. Buying locally – not only does this support local business and farmers, it reduces the miles the food has to travel to your plate2. Buying in season – food in season tastes SO much better, and buying food when it’s in season reduces the amount of carbon dioxide that is released producing that food3. Growing your own – it’s fun and you know exactly where your food has come from!If you want lots of handy tips and great advice on growing your very own vegetables, take a look at this blog.


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