Ian Humpherys, Chief Executive of Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful, writes about the latest meeting of the Global Environmental Education Partnership (GEEP) a couple of weeks ago.  NAEE has been supportive of GEEP from the outset, and hosted its UK launch in 2016.  Ian writes:

GEEP is growing.  Even its Advisory Group now boasts representatives of government, academia and NGO sectors from 15 countries and five continents.

So the debate and discussion at their recent meeting in Taipei, Taiwan (30th May to 1st June 2018), generously supported by both the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Environmental Protection Administration of Taiwan, was certainly lively!  Progress was made on developing next steps for the global Call to Action (for the environment), a case study e-book and planning an Asia-Pacific regional summit for environmental education.

The meeting also used the opportunity to seek feedback on its updated Strategic Plan 2018-2021 and proposed governance processes, drawn up by a task and finish working group. I really feel the work of GEEP is starting to crystalise without losing any of its special character.  A new tagline was also mooted: “The Global Champion for Environmental Education”.  I love this.  Concise, bold and clear.  All of this was warmly received.    Of course we now have to ensure the GEEP positions itself to effectively deliver on its highly challenging and exciting ambitions.

As always, under the wonderful leadership of Judy Braus, the event provided a very special environment to operate in: focusing on what needs to get done yet with the barest minimum of limitations placed on the thinking.  The result is that innovative ideas are born and those ideas are stress tested and developed and evolved swiftly. It is not normal. Thankfully!  The only thing lacking is the resources to deliver all the great ideas generated.

Watching the GEEP mature, whilst remaining young at heart, is hugely encouraging.  It gives us all hope that we can bring about the seismic changes so urgently needed if we are to halt the rapid environmental decline happening right now in front of our eyes. With the GEEP’s new plan in action I believe we have a chance.

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