Autumn_Journal2017Today’s post is an extract from the Webwatch section of the latest edition of NAEE’s journal Environmental Education [Vol 116]. 

Bioblitz from the Bristol Natural History Consortium is a major leader in biological surveys.  The Natural History Museum has produced a down-loadable guide to running a BioBlitz, and the National Trust runs similar surveys on its own properties, which are naturally extensive.

Brain POP covers science, maths, arts, engineering – and more besides, this is a GREAT factual resource with mainly videos of exceptional quality.  Payment is required to get to the best content.

National Geographic Kids UK helps children to discover animals, science, history, geography.  As you’d expect, a very clean visual site with lots of resource goodies. For example: ‘raining ryhmes ‘ (poems about the water cycle), and primary resources about World War I.  Free, but you need to log on.  

Science Kids (from New Zealand) covers topics such as food chains, animals, plants and recycling, with videos, facts, experiments and quizzes.  

The Mammal Society undertakes a wide range of surveys of many of the UK’s mammal species.

Barnaby Bear first appeared in a unit of work entitled ‘Where in the world is Barnaby Bear?’ in ‘Geography: A scheme of work for key stages 1 and 2’. This was written to help teachers prepare interesting materials in re-sponse to the geography national curriculum objective: ‘develop children’s knowledge of places and environments throughout the world’.


The journal (three editions a year) is freely available to members.

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