SEEd would like to find out about our experience of Education for Sustainable Development [ESD] in the UK, and it has a survey aimed (mostly) at teachers based on how they engage with Education for Sustainable Development on a day-to-day basis.  SEEd says:

“Even if you’ve never heard of Education for Sustainable Development before, don’t panic!  The purpose of the survey is to give us an overview of the range of ways that people engage with Education for Sustainable Development, whether you are an expert practitioner or have only heard the phrase mentioned a few times.”

This study is being done by Shara Samra from the University of Leeds as part of a masters degree project in partnership with SEEd.  The results from the survey will be available in the new evidence area on the SEEd website in September.

Do have a go at this, although if you’ve not heard of ESD before, it might be tricky.

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