Energy Trumps is a card game produced by the Centre for Alternative Technology, which enables players to learn more about different supplies of energy and the various positives and negatives features associated with each.

There are cards on …

gas, coal, oil, carbon capture, nuclear, passive solar, solar water heating, solar PV, CSP, liq bio 1gen, solid biomass, biomass, energy from waste, landfill gas, CHP, heat pumps, offshore wind, large hydro, wave power, geothermal, onshore wind, tidal barrage, tidal lagoon, energy efficiency, tidal stream, low carb life, liq bio 2gen, micro hydro, hydrogen, and shale gas.

You can download each card individually by clicking here, and the instructions on playing the game are here.

We think that this is potentially a very effective way of helping young  (and maybe not so young) people learn about these difficult issues, and we’ve been impressed by the detail that the cards contain.  But the proof of the pudding is in the playing of the game, and we’d like to hear from you if you have done this.  How was it?  Was the game easy to play, and was it worth it?  Do let us know.

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