pennantCornell University is offering a global online course in environmental education from the 1st of February to April 24th.

The goal of the course is to create what they term an “environmental education trading zone”.  This will be an …

“online space where scholars and students gather to learn about multiple disciplines that shed light on how to improve environmental quality and change environmental behaviors”.

Cornell will provide a certificate of completion at no cost to those making it through to the end.  You can click here to register.
Environmental educators in the USA are rather obsessed with behaviour change, tending to see this, rather than learning, to be the legitimate outcome of educational programmes.

This is probably because of the extent to which psychology informs all their training as teachers, lecturers and instructors (a favoured term over there).  This has led some to characterise what American environmental educators do as ‘behaviourist’, but a better term might be behavioural.

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