Do you know any members of the House of Lords?

If you do, Teach the Future would like you to send them the following letter urging them to support the private member’s Bill soon to be discussed. here’s the text:

Dear xxxxxxx,

Education (Environment and Sustainable Citizenship) Bill

We are writing to you to ask you to support the Education (Environment and Sustainable Citizenship) Bill, introduced in the House of Lords on the 25th of April and soon to have its second reading. We would strongly encourage you to support this Bill because it would embed education on the climate crisis across all aspects of learning and not be limited to certain study areas.

Comprehensive climate education would, in turn, give students a better understanding of both how the climate emergency will affect them and the world around them, and also how the effects of the climate emergency can be reduced through climate action.

Students have the right to be taught about the world around them, including how actions taken today will affect the world of tomorrow. In addition, students should learn to care for one another, care for the world around them, and care for generations in the future and the present. These lessons must include being taught about the effects of the climate crisis and how the UK can mitigate these effects.

This Bill will ensure that all students are provided with this knowledge by implementing it as part of the general curriculum, rather than just providing these essential lessons to those who choose to take subjects such as Biology and Geography. This is extremely important as climate change will affect every facet of life as it is not only a scientific issue but also a social and economic one.

Educating the future workforce is a crucial aspect of decarbonising the country. This Bill would put education at the heart of the response to the climate crisis, providing the future workforce with the skills and knowledge to create a sustainable society. Taking these actions in the year that the UK hosts COP26 will demonstrate the government’s strong leadership in delivering comprehensive climate education, an essential step towards meaningful climate action.

For these reasons, our organisation supports the Education (Environment and Sustainable Citizenship) Bill and encourage you to do the same.

Thank you for taking the time to read this; we hope to receive your response soon.

Yours Sincerely,

Your Name, Role, Organisation

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