EatBy App are encouraging families to turn fruit and vegetables into characters and to upload photographs onto the app and on social media.

“We want to encourage kids to learn more about fruit and vegetables with their family, and become experts in avoiding food waste,”

said Barbara Lewis, one of the founders of EatBy.

Food waste is a problem of global proportions with one third of all food produced ending up being thrown away.  Businesses and supermarkets are making an effort to reduce their food waste. But it is up to all of us to make a difference.  Supermarkets provide us with perfect fruit and veg because that’s how we’ve grown to like them.

Steffan Lewis of EatBy App said:
When faced with a choice, we still pick up the nicest looking carrot even though we know it tastes no better than the wonky one.  It’s what we’ve become used to.  We teach our children not to judge by appearance and that it’s what’s inside that counts – surely we can apply the same principle to fresh fruit and vegetables.  Many of us don’t value fresh, wholesome food unless it’s pre-washed, wrapped and perfect.
But we wouldn’t throw imperfect vegetables away if we’d grown them ourselves.  It’s difficult for many of us to change our habits and to start buying less than perfect fruit and vegetables.  Obviously some people who are environmentally aware will buy wonky veg as a matter of principal – but we all need to do it.”


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