Do you think that the urgency of the threats faced by the natural world demands new ways of working because these problems are too big and too complex for any single organisation to tackle alone?

Do you think that we must be open to collaboration, innovation and doing things differently – to partnerships of possibility?

Do you think that we must transcend the boundaries of our individual brands, sectors and ideologies to challenge the status quo and create a compelling story for change?

Do you agree that:

“We are not normal.  As environmental communicators we are self selected to sit on a spectrum of certain values and worldviews that don’t always match up with those of the people that we are trying to engage.  Communicate 2015 will be turning the mirror on the sector to see what we really look like to the outside world.”

If so, then joining Communicate 2015: Challenging Partnerships might be for you.

It offers two days of “inspiring content, interactive workshops and engaging discussion in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that provides fantastic opportunities for networking with fellow communicators“.

All this is happening on 10 & 11 November at the At-Bristol Science Centre.  More details here from the Bristol Natural History Consortium.

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