Southampton University has launched an interactive climate model app for smartphones and tablets: a CO2 Modeller that will help gauge the future effects of carbon emissions around key sensitivities of the Earth’s climate.

The new app provides an interactive tool to allow anyone – from the public to policy makers – to explore the implications of delaying emission reductions.  Users can review how carbon emission targets and outcomes will impact four key areas of climate change over the next 85 years:

  • future global warming
  • sea level rise
  • ocean acidification and
  • CO2 concentration

The app’s developers believe that making climate modelling tools so accessible in this way will help us gain a greater understanding of the carbon emission targets and reduction policies proposed at international policy forums, such as the forthcoming COP21 Paris climate talks.


It is available for iOS and Android devices, and more information and instructions on how to install the app is here.

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